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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

Our association with the pulp and paper industry goes back to 1979. At a time when demand for locally sourced pulp and paper was high.

Times have changed!

The number of paper machines in NZ is reducing and machines that continue to operate do so at a much higher speed than their predecessors. Saw mills are now high tech and logging is more efficient and possibly safer than it used to be

However at the heart of it all is rotating equipment and transmissions that need servicing and repairs when it all turns pear shaped.

Precision Gears remains loyal to these industries and we continue to provide our services which evolve with the industry.

Keep an eye on our projects page to monitor the progress of our latest pulp industry project. The manufacturing of a replacement lime kiln drive reduction gearbox.

....Our association with the pulp and paper industry has been the core of our business and has proved the reliability of our design and manufacture. Plant failure can result in downtime costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We have designed gears, gearboxes, cooling systems and couplings to incorporate improvements over the OEM product to achieve longer life and easier service.

Consultation with onsite engineers is a key to providing the optimum design.

Heavy duty applications are addressed by state of the art modular gearbox designs featuring cool, ultra quiet and efficient operation, and unique on site serviceability.